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Upper Guadalupe

The Upper Guadalupe is as original as it gets when it comes to Texas Hill Country Rivers.  The Guadalupe's headwaters originate outside of Kerrville where it begins to carve its path towards Canyon Lake.  This upper region of the river mainly flows through private ranches and is lined with huge Cypress trees.  We rarely see other anglers on these stretches, as they are about an hour from San Antonio and almost two from Austin.  


The water on the Upper Guad is crystal clear and the fish, aggressive.  Sunfish, Guadalupe, and Largemouth Bass are the target species here, they usually charge the fly as soon as they notice it.  On these stretches we often catch a good number of "fun sized" fish with the occasional shot at something larger. A big Largemouth or Carp are the trophy's of this area. And depending on how close we are to Canyon Lake we occasionally come across Striped Bass and on some years can target the White Bass run in early spring.  The abundance of species and various types of water we encounter on these sections makes this area perfect for both beginning and experienced anglers. 


We usually do float trips in this area from comfortable 14ft Aire rafts with NRS fishing frames, but sometime may opt for a canoe when flows are to low. Trips on these stretches are recommended in the spring time or after a rain event for optimum flows and best fishing conditions. If your looking for a truly "Texas Hill Country" fly fishing experience, THIS IS IT!

Guadalupe Bass On The Upper Guad

Photo Gallery Below


BASS - Guadalupe, Largemouth, 

Smallmouth, Striped, and White Bass.

PANFISH - Redbreast, Green, Longear Sunfish, Bluegill, and Rio Grande Cichlids.


BYCATCH - Common Carp, Gar, Smallmouth Buffalos, and Catfish.


Trip types:

  • Full day float trips (550.00)

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