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Guadalupe River

"Trout Section"

The tailwater section of the Guadalupe river below Canyon Lake Dam is one of my favorite sections of water in Texas. This 15 mile stretch is famous for its winter time trout fishing and is listed as one of the top 100 trout streams in the U.S.  I started guiding here in 2015 and still look forward to every day we get to fish these waters.  Each year in late Fall the Guadalupe is stocked with thousands of Rainbow trout and some years Browns and Palominos, aka Golden Rainbows.  The fish are generously stocked by TPWD and GRTU.  Texas Parks and Wildlife has been stocking here since the mid 60s and with the help of the local Trout Unlimited chapter has created one of the most unique trout fishery's in the world. It is conveniently located between San Antonio and Austin in the town of Sattler, Tx. This is also the known as southern most location in North America to catch freshwater trout making it the perfect place to visit when the Rockies are covered in snow.


Every trout season on the Guad is different depending on the weather, flows, and fish we receive. Some years flows can consistently be as low as 50 cfs and other years as high as 1000 making wading impossibleThe trout here range in size from 6 to 20+ inches with average of 14 inches and can display some beautiful colors.  Anglers of any experience are welcome as this fishery usually provides many opportunities in a trip.  Experienced anglers usually do very well here and can target large fish or big numbers in a day. Here all trips are conducted from 14ft Aire rafts with comfortable NRS fishing frames designed to accommodate up to two anglers, however multiple boats are available for larger groupsEverything needed for the trip is always included so all guest need to worry about is dressing for the weather and a current Texas fishing license.  This is a great place to learn to fly fish or bring your family and friends for some fun in the cooler months!

Guided Trout Fly Fishing Trips on the Guadalupe River

Photo Gallery Below


TROUT - Rainbows, Browns, and some years Palomino trout.

BASS - Guadalupe, Largemouth, 

Smallmouth, and Striped Bass.

PANFISH - Redbreast, Longear, Redear, Geen Sunfish, Blue Gill, and Rio Grande Cichlids.  


BYCATCH - Common Carp, Longnose Gar, and Catfish.


Trip types:

  • AM or PM Half days (375.00)​

  • Full day trips (550.00)

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