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Jurassic Park 

Jurassic Park is the nickname given to the            stretch of the             river, close to the town of                         


This secret section of river is nicknamed Jurassic park for a couple reasons.  Mostly because that's what the few people who have been down it jokingly called it within minutes of being on the water and the name just stuck.  The location is in a fairly remote and undeveloped area of the Texas countryside and the river here has little trace of people on its banks.  If the name Jurassic Park doesn't settle in right away it usually does after the first couple of bends when someone finally notices one of the large Gar or Buffalo fish that call this section home.  There are numerous fish well over 40 inches throughout this stretch along with a mess of Guadalupe/Spotted Bass hybrids and some nice Large Mouth.  The big Longnose Gar and Smallmouth Buffalo's here can be very difficult to catch but we're always learning more about them and having better success with anglers on the fly. If your lucky enough to get one hooked up and can keep them on its gonna be a big one!  Trips here can either be conducted on 14ft rafts or jet boat depending on how many anglers. At the end of the trip you will be asked to keep this location secret to help preserve its wildness. Come check out this special place that keeps drawing us back with its lack of people and huge prehistoric looking fish!

Fly Fishing for Big Gar in Jurassic Park, Texas

Photo Gallery Below


BASS - Largemouth, 

Spotted, Spot/Guad Hybrids, and Guadalupe Bass.

PANFISH - Redbreast Sunfish and Bluegill.


BYCATCH - Smallmouth Buffalo's, Longnose Gar, Spotted Gar and Catfish.


Trip types:

  • AM or PM Half days (400.00)​

  • Full Day (650.00)

  • Raft or Jet Boat

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