Texas Jet Boat Adventure Trips

Texas Adventure Fly Fishing Trips
First Russian Inflatable Jet Boat in Texas
Fly Fishing Texas in a Jet Boat

Are you looking for somewhere new to fly fish in Texas? Well so am I!  I've recently put together what may be the first inflatable tunnel jet boat in the state.  My plan is to use this boat for adventure fly fishing trips on any water way we can get it up or down!  There are several hundred miles of navigable public rivers and lakes through out our beautiful state that I have yet to fish, and some of these waters may not have ever even seen a fly rod or recent fisherman.  With this boat we can easily access waters that most boats and people can't get to.  We can run it over shallow gravel bars, pull it over downed trees, and even portage it over dry sections to reach unfished areas if necessary.  It can be launched almost anywhere we can reach the water and doesn't require a shuttle ride to get back up stream.  The motor is a restored 40/30 Johnson jet outboard for getting us to new spots quickly, however most of the time the boat will be rowed to precisely guide clients into optimal fishing spots. The best part of all this is these "Adventure Trips" will be taking place all over the state!


My idea is to explore and fly fish as many Texas water ways as we can, first on "Adventure Trips" and then return to the areas that fished well for more precise trips in the future, hence the name Adventure trips.  Trips this year 2020 will all be Adventure Trips, except on the Jurassic Park stretch.  An Adventure fly fishing trip will be exactly as it sounds, a true adventure.  I will have a general plan for the day, but the water and fish will almost always be new for the both of us.  This Fall and next Spring and Summer I will be working my way up and down various rivers across the state.  When you go to book your trip we will discuss the current river sections I'm running and see what works best for the both of us depending on your location.  In most cases I will have scouted the water at least once just to make sure its safe to run and that we have enough water for our trip. 

The boat is 15.5ft and set up with a comfortable NRS fishing frame designed for 1 or 2 anglers. The back casting position is fairly small so keep that in mind when booking 2.  I can supply all the gear we'll need for the day. Several quality fly rods will be on the boat from 5 to 8 weights along with a loaded fly box ready for the various species we hope to encounter.  The cooler will also be set up with drinks and snacks, and your welcome to add to it.  Check out the video below to get a better feel for what the boats capable of and the types of water we can access.