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Texas has a wide variety of freshwater fly fishing options, everything from Brown Trout to Guadalupe Bass and Rio Grande Cichlids. Depending on when you plan to book your trip will determine what stretch of water is best and the species we can fish for at the time.  During the warmer months we focus on local warm water species like Bass, Sunfish, Carp, and Gar. In the cooler the months the focus shifts to fly fishing for trout on the lower Guadalupe River with some warm water overlap in the spring.  Check out the different trips listed on this page to get an idea of the rivers and species we can target.



Fall in Texas usually means low flows and clearer water.  This is the perfect time to target large species like Gar and Smallmouth Buffalos in Jurassic Park, or run the jet boat on Adventure trips.  This is also a good time to head deep into the Hill Country for wade trips on gin clear streams with lightweight set ups.


dad big trout.JPG

Winter is my favorite time of year in Texas. It means the Guadalupe river is full with thousands of Rainbow and Brown trout.  During these months the main focus is float trips on the Guadalupe River. This stretch is listed in Trout Unlimited's top 100 trout streams for the United States and is the best place to be fly fishing when its cool in Texas.


colorado bass.JPG

As temps start to rise and spring rains fill the rivers, we begin to shift our attention to warm water species like bass and sunfish.  This is a good time to float some of the upper stretches of the Guadalupe and San Marcos rivers. Bass and Sunfish will be in spawning colors and very aggressive.



Summer is a great time to get out and explore some new water!  I plan to spend these months running the jet boat on adventure trips searching for new unfished waters and even offering night trips for eager bass on lights to keep us cool during the hottest of days. 

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